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Darcy (Louandli Lady Darcy Mardek)
July 20, 1992 - October 12, 2005

Darcy was our 3rd beardie, coming to us in 1995 as a rescue/re-home at 3
years of age.  We were at the Memphis Kennel Club dog show, and I was in
the ring, when Michele was approached by a couple and asked if we knew
where they could find a home for their beardie girl.  They said that she
was mean, had bitten their daughter (for no reason...yeah, right!!) and
would bite them and were going to put her down if they couldn't find a
home for her.  Well, they brought her to us the next weekend and it was
love at first sight.  She never bit anyone but was an alpha bitch.  When
I would groom her, she would grab my hand with her mouth but never very
hard.  I explained to her that I was in charge and that was the end of
that.   She was the great aunt to all of our litters, babying them and
herding them in if they got too far.  She passed her herding instinct
test with flying colors and Jim New even wanted to know if we would be
willing to part with her as she was so good at herding.  In 2003, we
were contacted by someone in Quebec that had found us on the internet
and told that he had her mom Chloe, who was bred by Marnie Layng.  He
even sent us photos of Darcy as a baby, still with her mom.

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